Man Ruined Everything

Man Ruined Everything

When God created the world, He said that it was all good. In other words, there was nothing bad about anything that He made. It was perfect. Can you imagine living in a perfect world, never having a conflict with anyone or having a reason to cry?

Everything was perfect.

Then man decided that he wanted to be like God and he rejected God’s only warning. God told man that he could enjoy everything on the Earth except the fruit on one particular tree, the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. God told man that he would surely die on the day that he ate from it. Man rejected God and ruined everything for the rest of time.

Have you ever wondered why there is so much suffering in the world? Why do we have to lock our doors and protect our families and possessions? It all started on the day that man rejected God.

Man ruined everything and the world is a broken mess because of it.

We all feel the brokenness, some more than others, but we all look for ways to find satisfaction, security, peace, and joy. Unfortunately, most people look the wrong way. We think that relationships will satisfy us, but too often we are betrayed or they just fall short of truly meeting all our needs. Others think that a large bank account will make us feel secure but we all know how quickly money can be spent or lost and that even those who are abundantly wealthy are always looking for ways to have more. Sadly, others turn to substances like alcohol or drugs to try to numb the pain that life has brought on them. All of these attempts will eventually fall short when it comes to answering the brokenness of our world. At best, they only provide short term relief. But because God is abundantly merciful and loving, He has provided the long-term solution to our brokenness.

God has solved everything. Click here!

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