classes for children, teens & adults


nursery care for children under 5

When you come to New Hope on Sunday, you’ll be treated with hospitality by friendly people who are part of our church family. We won’t ignore you, giving you a sense you don’t belong, and we won’t overwhelm you like you’re shopping for a used car.

We have a traditional worship style that includes praying Lord’s Prayer and reciting the Apostles’ Creed together. We believe that being traditional doesn’t mean we have to be stuffy or stoic. We worship with a genuine sense of warmth and reverence of God.

Our pastors preach through books of the Bible, week by week, as we seek to discover the rich truth God has given us and how it impacts our lives. We have Bibles available, or you can bring one of your own.

We invite you to come to spend a few weeks with us. We believe you’ll find New Hope to be a refreshing and meaningful place to worship in which you will want to belong.

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