Your First Visit

Your First Visit

One of the kindest compliments that we often receive is that our people are so friendly. When you visit us at New Hope you can expect to be greeted by several people before you even sit down or shortly thereafter. Our friendly welcome is not a program in which people volunteer to take part. We truly seek to get to know our visitors because we consider New Hope to be a family and we would love to see our family grow.

You will also notice we are a traditional church that enjoys singing from our hymnal, reciting the Lord’s Prayer and the Apostle’s Creed, as well as singing the Doxology and the Gloria Patri. You will also see we pray throughout the service and we read the Bible a lot. Our Pastors typically preach through a book of the Bible, chapter by chapter, week by week. Bibles are provided in the pews but we encourage you to bring your own. If you don’t have one, just ask us and we will make sure you have a Bible to call your own.

In many ways, our worship service will remind you of the church you went to as a child. But what we truly hope is that you will notice that we believe God wants His people to worship Him, not to be entertained by professionals. We want our people to participate in all aspects of the service. We work hard at making our worship services feel like we are having a dialogue between us and God.

Come worship with us and give us a month or two. We think you will love the preaching and will be overwhelmed by the friendliness of our people.

The Sunday Morning Worship Service is broadcast LIVE at 10:30 a.m. on our YouTube Channel. Watch Here