Food Pantry

Food Pantry

The New Hope Food Pantry

A ministry that reaches out to the Johnson County residents in need and serves Christ so others may see Him. You can easily get involved in this ministry by volunteering time to pick up food donations in Olathe, serving the community that comes in for food assistance, holding a food drive among your friends and family to donate, or simply donating money to help. 

The New Hope Food Pantry opened in April of 2011 and with the help of Harvesters, we serve thousands of Olathe and Johnson, Wyandotte and Miami County residents every year with dignity, respect, and love. The Food Pantry is open to all who need emergency food assistance for feeding a family and are served by volunteers who are serving Christ so others might see Him in a personal and loving way.

We don’t want to see anyone in our community go without food, physically or spiritually. The Lord continues to amaze us with special donations that allow us to keep food on our shelves. As a result, our food pantry is constantly expanding as more people in our community see the compassion of Christ. It’s time to get involved today by either donating time or money with us or by volunteering at your own local food pantry. 

Monday-Friday from 1-6pm.

Got questions? Call (913) 782-0955

Get more information and details on requirements and what to bring with you on our Food Pantry site.


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